New Driver Game Unveiled

A new entry in the open-world driving series Driver is in development by series creator Ubisoft Reflections, the BBC has revealed.

Though the game has yet to be officially announced, its existence was unveiled during a segment titled "How a computer game is made," in which correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones visited the studio.

Little was revealed about the project, though footage of the game running on a high-definition display suggests that PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions are likely. The last console Driver title, Parallel Lines, arrived on PS2 and Xbox in 2006, followed by Wii and PC editions in 2007.

While the first Driver game, which hit PlayStation in 1998, restricted players to their vehicle, later titles allowed gamers to explore the world on-foot and steal other cars. A total of five Driver-branded titles have been released on handhelds and consoles, with each entry after the first receiving generally negative reviews.