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By Steve Gibson, May 30, 2008 6:00pm PDT So a few of you may have noticed that we are swapping out the video player around here. The plan being we're actually going to start doing embed code to let other people stream our stuff from other websites/forums in the future as we are wrapping up some new bandwidth plans around these parts. Will it work? We dont know!

As for the the videogame news around these parts for today:

Lastly, Can't wait for GRID! I'm such a racing game pushover. Also, while you're here, why not vote for Faylor's brother tonight?

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  • The Hillstrand Brothers are cool, in reply

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    • So last night my wife, daughter, and I went to the local Borders, where the Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch (ship: Time Bandit) were doing a book signing for the book they just put out:


      When the signing started at around 6, we were in about the first half of the line. It actually took a full 2 hours for us to reach the front, at which point the line still went past where we were when we started. Right when we got to the front, Johnathan came up to me and said "hey man would you guys mind waiting a few minutes, I want to go tell the people in the back that we'll be staying here as long as it takes to see everyone. I don't want anyone giving up and going home." So he went off to talk to the people in line a bit, and it actually left my family to talk to Andy by ourselves for a good 5-10 minutes. Had a great conversation. Highlights:

      The "truck prank": I brought up the bit where they replaced one of the Cornelia Marie's pots with an old truck this season to prank Phil Harris. He said they found the truck in a junkyard with no engine and no insides (so there wasn't worry about oil/gas/etc getting into the sea) and decided to bring it along just in case. However, he said pranking another ship is never a given. The Bering Sea is so big and everyone is so spread out that you actually rarely come across another ship's string, even if you know where to look. So they didn't actually expect to get to use the truck, but they happened to know where the Cornia Marie was at one point, so they headed that direction and were lucky enough to find one of the pot markers. He also says he hasn't gotten a chance to watch any episodes from this season yet, so he's looking forward to seeing the look on Phil's face when he pulled up the truck.

      What's Next: Andy said they don't head out to sea again until September. In the meantime, they are traveling all over to do this book tour, and they have to film the next "After the Catch" before going out again. He said they'll actually be filming this one in Massachusetts, and not in the northwest like last time. I asked him why, and he said he had no idea, but maybe they were going to bring in some captains from north Atlantic crabbing boats to talk about the differences between the two jobs.

      The Sudden Fame: I made a comment at one point that "I bet you never thought you'd find yourself signing books for people", and he said "ain't that the truth. To be honest, I never understood why anyone wanted to make a tv show out of crab fishing in the first place. I remember growing up as a kid and watching home movies of my father crabbing, and it always looked boring as hell."

      All in all it was a great conversation, and it was really neat to get a chance to talk to Andy vs the real quick "sign book + take picture" that the average person gets. This was the best part, tho: All during the conversation, my daughter keeps looking at Andy funny, and he notices it. I mention that she watches the show with us sometimes, and she very well might recognize him from the TV. He says "you watch too? Sweet, gimme five!" and put his hand up. My daughter gives him five, then reaches out, grabs his fingers, forcing him to make a fist, and then gives him knuckles. He just about died laughing. And keep in mind my daughter never gives high five/knuckles to strangers, so she really must have recognize him from the show.

      Good times. The Hillstrands in real life are basically exactly as they are on the show. Goofy as all getout, and from talking to them you'd never know they were famous. Just great, friendly guys who like to have a good time.

      Pic: http://riptyde.shackspace.com/Time%20Bandit_s.jpg

      Not captured: Johnathan cracking up when the Borders employee goes to take the camera, and my daughter yells "cheeeese!"