BioWare CEO Says More Licensed Titles, Original Games Forthcoming

As the release of BioWare's Mass Effect PC port approaches this week, company CEO Ray Muzyka recently stated that the company will maintain a fairly even balance between licensed properties and original development in future projects.

When asked of his preference between creating original universes for games and working on preexisting intellectual properties, Muzyka explained that there are benefits to developing from either angle.

"Both choices have their own unique appeal," Muzyka told Joystiq. "In the end, both are ends of the same spectrum, since successful new intellectual properties become licenses. In the case of Star Wars... so it really wasn't confining when we considered the freedom available in the Knights of the Old Republic setting, some 5000 years before the movies."

"Creating new intellectual property is literally creating your own fiction and is a lot of fun as we are starting from scratch for new IPs like Mass Effect or Dragon Age," Muzyka continued. "We love working on both types of properties and you can expect both kinds from BioWare in the future."

The company has revealed very little on Dragon Age, which is said to mark the BioWare's return to the sphere of hardcore PC RPG gameplay. BioWare is currently underway in development on a number of unreleased titles, including Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood (NDS), the next Mass Effect installment, and an unannounced MMO.