BioShock PS3 Confirmed, Jordan Thomas Replaces Ken Levine as Creative Director

The long-rumored PlayStation 3 edition of 2K Boston and 2K Australia's underwater shooter BioShock (PC, 360) has been confirmed by 1UP and sister publication EGM.

The port is due out this holiday season, with some possible graphical improvements. Rumors had previously suggested a PS3 edition would arrive in September.

The site further reports that Thief: Deadly Shadows co-designer and BioShock artist Jordan Thomas has replaced creator Ken Levine as creative director of the franchise, which has a sequel in the works over at 2K Marin. Levine is said to be involved with the sequel, though his role has not been specified.

The next project for Levine and 2K Boston is not yet known, but has long been rumored to be a new X-COM title.