Morning Discussion

by Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, May 09, 2008 2:55am PDT

Let's kick off the Shacking for this glorious Friday. In Grand Theft Auto 4 news, it's always good to see the game's critics flat-out lie about that which they are critiquing. Do those who have played GTA4 think it glamorizes crime? In more enjoyable news, Nick brought us a new Replay Couch, which you should watch if just for the G-Man's moves.

  • Shack 4x4 menz

    So back a month or so ago, my buddy and I were taking my Chevy Tracker 4x4 down a forest trail with about 6-8in of snow on the ground on our way to our snow campsite. On the trail the Tracker slid sideways on a downhill section into about 3 feet of snow on the side of the trail.

    Now, the Tracker has a low range transfer case with good ground clearance 8+ inches but we ended up being stuck for about 30 minutes until we were able to shovel a path out largely due to the fact that the tracker doesn't have front or rear locking differentials. I was spinning both a front and rear tire and unable to gain enough traction.

    This got me thinking about a next purchase 4x4 vehicle that would prevent this from occuring. Now I'm not a ultra hard-core off-road guy into lifting the crap out of vehicles. Thus, I'm wondering what kinds of smaller (not huge like hummers) vehicles come standard prepared for offroad.

    I've looked at Jeep wranglers of course (pricey and old engine), FJ cruiser (weird styling), Xterras (pretty good but lower offroad specs than others) and various small and midsize pickups. Are there any others I'm missing that I should consider? Thanks.