Haze Screenshots Spread Yellow Fever

By Chris Faylor, May 07, 2008 4:40pm PDT Like yellow? If so, you'll love these four new screenshots of Haze (PS3).

The Free Radical-developed shooter and its KoRn-produced title track should hit North American retailers on May 20. A downloadable demo, featuring four-person online co-op, will be available from the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow.

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  • I was really looking forward to this one. The art and environments looked great, and the Nectar gameplay looked like it held promise.

    I fibbed a Euro PSN account so I could get the demo a day early, and it was kind of a let down. It's still gorgeous,but as a demo, which is supposed to convince me to buy it, it doesn't do it's job.

    The dialog was stupid. It grated on me when any of the characters opened their mouths. It's an FPS so that's usually been forgivable in the past.
    It didn't feel like like I was hitting anything. The enemy is hard to see unless you're juiced up on Nectar, then they turn into glowing blobs. So when you're in normal vision mode, you can't really get any feedback when shooting them, except when they finally die and fall over. When they're a glowing blob, they glow so much you can't tell if you're hitting them until they finally die and fall over. I ended up just wiggling the thumbstick and doing a bit of spray-n-pray on them.

    The nectar mechanic is cool. But not really from the Mantel perspective. In the previous videos the really interesting bits were how you could use the nectar against Mantel. But as a Mantel character it was just some juice that turns hard to see enemies into glowy blobs. It's supposed to make your melee attack stronger, but the showcase level wasn't really meant to have melee combat. The number of enemies spread apart as they were, and they combined lines of fire meant you were gonna get peppered if you stepped out to smack anyone. I did OD on nectar for the heck of it and went batshit insane, losing control and shooting another soldier. That was kind of neat, and showed promise for once you switch sides.

    So the single player aspect of the demo didn't really do much for me. I'll have to check out the online co-op mode tonight when other people get it.

    I think the biggest factor in not being a huge fan of the demo was the level selection. That seems to have been a failing in a number of demos I've played in the last year. They're just not using the "holy shit!" factor to get you to want to play the game.