PixelJunk Monsters Encore Coming Tomorrow

The previously announced expansion for Q-Games PixelJunk Monsters will hit the PlayStation Store tomorrow at a $5.99 price point, Sony Computer Entertainment America revealed on the PlayStation Blog.

The expansion, entitled PixelJunk Monsters Encore, includes a new island, 15 new levels, five new music tracks and item cost and availability revisions. Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert said that the expansion was created to end his wife's ceaseless nagging for more content.

"My wife simply loved the game so much she would badger me every day for more levels, so in the end I caved in," Cuthbert said. "Of course, we were also getting mails every day from people asking for more so we simply decided to listen to everyone."

The Shacknews-endorsed downloadable tower defense title was released on the PlayStation Store last January for $7.99.