Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, May 05, 2008 6:00pm PDT

I am sleep. Mondays. :(

As for the the videogame news around these parts for today:

Lastly, I found myself sitting at a quadruple overtime hockey

game last night and it was... exhausting. Pretty sure I dont want to sit in a stadium for

over 5 hours again any time soon.

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  • Quick black helicopter post...

    Myanmar cyclone death tolll now topping 22,000. Who is responsible for validating this? Do you think the leadership in these countries sometime inflate the true number of deaths and destruction in order to ganer more world support and thus more international aid? If like half your country gets wiped out by some disaster, but by some miracle only 300 people managed to be killed. You're barely going to even make an RSS feed on Vista sidebar much less get a lot of mainstream world media coverage. However, if you lose 20 or 40 thousand....tinfoil hat!