Full Spore Creature Creator Coming This June

By Aaron Linde, Apr 21, 2008 12:27pm PDT Maxis marketing VP Patrick Buechner said that a trial version of the creature creator in the company's upcoming life sim Spore will hit PCs this June, IGN reports.

The Creator Creator will allow gamers to get a head start in crafting the unique alien species for use in the title, which is currently slated for a September release. The trial will be functionally identical to the creator found in the full game.

Containing around 25% of the total creature parts from Spore, the trial will be be available for free via download from the game's official website, as well as a pack-in bonus in the upcoming SimCity Box compilation.

A version will also be available on retail shelves around the same time, which is said to include every creature part from the full title. A price for the retail version of the Spore Creature Creator was not immediately available.

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