id Tech 5 Update: Ready For License Soon, Strong Cross-platform Performance Touted

In an interview with Shacknews, id Software lead artist Kevin Cloud said that the development of the company's upcoming id Tech 5 graphic engine is progressing well, and should be ready for licensors in the near future.

"Things are moving along great," Cloud told Shacknews. "We're currently preparing it for licensors to take a look at it. It's in a good position. The SDKs have to be put together--we obviously can't just put together the code and have them figure it out. There's work done on that level."

Cloud could not clarify a specific release window for id Tech 5, but said that the updated graphics engine is already running well in cross-platform development environments.

"You don't even have to worry about how it's going to look on PS3 or 360. Right now we've got it running cross-platform running 60 hertz, and it looks really good," Cloud said. "In terms of what artists are available to achieve--it's something you have to see for yourself. I can say this, but you still won't get it until you see it."

"Because of the universal texturing everything in the world can be uniquely textured, and it's a look you just can't get in any other game. Once you see it you go 'shit, I have not seen that anywhere else.' We're really proud of what we've put together there."

Revealed last June, id Tech 5 is the latest update to the studio's in-house graphics engine. The studio plans to make use of the new engine in its upcoming open-world shooter Rage (PC, PS3, X360).