Soul Calibur 4 Hits July 29, Premium Edition Detailed

Publisher Namco Bandai has announced that Soul Calibur IV (PS3, X360) will ship to North American retailers on July 29, according to a report from GameSpot. nope

Like many other highly anticipated titles these days, the latest entry in the Project Soul-developed 3D fighting series will arrive in both regular and limited editions.

While the standard $59.99 release will just contain the game, the $79.99 Premium Edition will arrive in metal packaging, complete with an art book, tournament kit, and unspecified "extra customization content."

Revealed last June, Soul Calibur IV is the first of the franchise to feature online multiplayer. Continuing the tradition of Soul Calibur II's console-specific characters, it includes Star Wars icon Darth Vader as an exclusive playable character for the PlayStation 3 version, with counterpart Yoda appearing only in the Xbox 360 edition.

Check back with Shacknews later this evening for our hands-on impressions from the latest build of Soul Calibur IV.