Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Apr 07, 2008 5:18am PDT

Good to see everyone here, let's start this week thing. Check out the Release List for this week courtesy of Faylor, it's PC-riffic. And did you catch all the news from last week? If not, here's your Highlights of the Week. Later on I'll have the next Shack contest, so hopefully that will have people excited. Also, in community news there's a rallying cry for Shadowbane players here.

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  • Hey guys i was wondering if you could do me a big favour. A few friends and myself are hosting a big party at the weekend, i wont go in to too much details but we've got lots of fun stuff planned. One of my jobs is to provide some kind of visuals for the evening. So i've been busy putting together little silly video's on a reel to be projected on one of the walls at the party. Some of it we've made ourself, some of it has been contributed from other folks, and we're interspersing that with interersting tidbits online. This is where you guys come in, can any of you guys recommend some eye catching videos/animations online we could use? I'm thinking things along the lines of that food fight video. Generally stuff that can still be attention grabbing without sound (we wont have sound as there will be music playing...) in particular stuff that looks some what DIY or home made, in other words no trailers for movies or big budget CGI animation. We're trying to keep it as low fi as possible.

    This is all for charity so its a good cause, so if you can link to anything that's caught your eye recently it woul be a good help. obliviously the higher quality the video the better.

    thanks guys .

  • WTF, let's talk about cab drivers.

    I don't usually have any beef with them. They get me from point A to point B, sometimes with small talk. I tip well. But recently I've noticed a change in the way cab drivers handle things here. You get in the car, tell them where you're going, and then they ask you how they should get there - WTF dude you're the fuckin cab driver! If you don't know the city, or don't have a GPS, then don't be a cab driver! Either way it's your job to figure out how to get there, not mine.

    And a simple "I dunno, whichever way you think is best" is not enough. Ohhh no. Then they go on with more questions, like

    "what freeway is it close to?"
    "are there any one-way streets?"
    "Is it by that park?"

    JESUS CHRIST ON A CAR DASH! Am I off base here for expecting them to figure out how to get me from A to B when that's what I'm bloody *paying* them for??