Rein, CliffyB Weigh in on PC Gaming Alliance

Epic Games founder Mark Rein and designer Cliff Bleszinski voiced their support of the recently founded PC Gaming Alliance, suggesting that the consortium would help unite and revitalize the platform.

"Right now, if you have a laptop with integrated graphics and try to play our game, it doesn't play...So you just lose your interest in that. We don't want that," Rein told MTV Multiplayer. "We want all these people buying laptops and reasonably priced PCs, to at least be able to be exposed to gaming. They can go out later and upgrade to something better, but letÂ’s at least give them a baseline experience."

Added Bleszinski, "I think everybody coming together in that kind of way will essentially kind of help re-glue things back together and kind of help fix the market."

Officially formed at last week's Game Developers Conference, the PCGA hopes to serve as a forum for developers to collaborate on the marketing, production, and analyzation of the PC market. The body will act as an advisory board, with a focus on providing a single "voice" for the PC gaming industry.

Numerous PC developers have voiced their support for the initiative, and several others have spoken out on the future of the platform. Bleszinski recently said that PC gaming was in a state of "disarray" and evolving towards the casual gaming market. Earlier this week, Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor suggested that secure gaming—in which data is stored on a central server rather than home PCs—is the future of the platform.