Rein, CliffyB Weigh in on PC Gaming Alliance

By Aaron Linde, Feb 29, 2008 8:00pm PST Epic Games founder Mark Rein and designer Cliff Bleszinski voiced their support of the recently founded PC Gaming Alliance, suggesting that the consortium would help unite and revitalize the platform.

"Right now, if you have a laptop with integrated graphics and try to play our game, it doesn't play...So you just lose your interest in that. We don't want that," Rein told MTV Multiplayer. "We want all these people buying laptops and reasonably priced PCs, to at least be able to be exposed to gaming. They can go out later and upgrade to something better, but letÂ’s at least give them a baseline experience."

Added Bleszinski, "I think everybody coming together in that kind of way will essentially kind of help re-glue things back together and kind of help fix the market."

Officially formed at last week's Game Developers Conference, the PCGA hopes to serve as a forum for developers to collaborate on the marketing, production, and analyzation of the PC market. The body will act as an advisory board, with a focus on providing a single "voice" for the PC gaming industry.

Numerous PC developers have voiced their support for the initiative, and several others have spoken out on the future of the platform. Bleszinski recently said that PC gaming was in a state of "disarray" and evolving towards the casual gaming market. Earlier this week, Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor suggested that secure gaming—in which data is stored on a central server rather than home PCs—is the future of the platform.

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  • I'm hoping they perhaps put a lot of effort into fixing UT3 (adding new modes, fixing issues, etc)...though I'm not sure if it can be saved at this point. Even if they fixed everything and made it an amazing game...a lot of people wouldn't go near it (and most would still bitch about it). I'm torn on whether they should put a lot of effort into fixing everything in patches and bonus packs and then release a version in stores with all the patches like the Editors Choice Editgion (ECE) with UT2k4. Or they might be better off just building a "new" game on top of it like they did with UT2k3->UT2k4 (2k3 was a disaster...and I'd say that even UT3 was a better game without patches than UT2k3...but UT2k4 really fixed my major gripes and made a much better game with Onslaught and Assault (especially Onslaught)).

    Either way I'd love to see them add in Assault and Bombing Run...along with some new modes (imagine a space based gamea with capital ships and fighters and shuttles...sort of a battlefield meets XWing (but done right...not talking sw:b)...and you can board the ships with shuttles (hell...UT's mythos already has you could beam on them without having any serious pain in the ass coding/art to do since you wouldn't have to have docking points or breacher pods) could fight onboard trhe ships...hell control points would work well for trying to slowly capture a ship (have bonuses too...capture a sick bay and you get extra health bonuses when you spawn and maybe quicker spawn times at that point or an armory/weapons locker place you could get ammo bonuses and there'd be plenty of guns to get). You could maybe some how destroy the ship's core from the inside to take it out or disable it. You could man guns on the ship or have them computer run (maybe control large groups of them by giving them general orders...have like a tactical officer or captain doing that). You could have someone piloting these large ships or have them flying to waypoints RTS style...maybe have upgrades that could be done to them that could be selected by the guy manning the captain seat or whatever (he'd sort of have an RTS thing going on and with multiple ships in the game its not like one guy could have that important role. Link guns could be used to repair things on the ship or to speed up upgrades...and you could maybe get more link gun plasma by firing at plasma conduits that would be running exposed in areas of the ship...that would be a great mode (or hell a mod...I was wanting to do something like that...but I don't think UT3 has the audience to support it (though it does have an engine ideal for that with its portal system (which you could use for windowsw and docking bays to launch from or whatever). The trick would be to have it scalable enough so it'd still be playable with smaller player numbers. Now I'm rambling I realise.

    What I'm saying is that new modes, fixes, adding in some old lost modes, new maps, etc might be a good move for UT3 but I'm not sure if that could save it or if they'd be better off making a new "UT3.5" game (hell a mode as involved as what I'd described (and went on way too much about because I've though of such a mode for some time) would really entail a new game as it'd be way more than you'd expect in a patch...though a huge, invovled, ambitious, mode like that as a bonus pack would engender a lot of good will that seems to be lost with UT3). Sorry for rambling.