Mass Effect Docks With PCs This May

Gamers hoping that BioWare's critically acclaimed Xbox 360 sci-fi role playing game Mass Effect would eventually hit PCs will be pleased to know that the wait won't be long, as the port will be released this May.

The PC version will be enhanced in several ways over the Xbox 360 release of the game. The inventory user interface and functionality has been reworked, allowing for easier equipping and modifying of weapons and armor. There will also be visual boost, due to the inclusion of higher-resolution textures, characters and environments. Also look for optimized controls, as well as control remapping and hot key binding of biotic powers and skills, along with a new decryption mini-game.

"Mass Effect serves as a powerful example of video games as an art

form, delivering new levels of emotional intensity, realistic

characters and a gripping storyline -- all set in a compelling new

universe," said BioWare General Manager Ray Muzyka. Publishing of Mass Effect PC will be handled by Electronic Arts, which said it has struck a deal with Microsoft to handle future publishing of the franchise. EA recently completed its purchase of BioWare.