Rockstar "Never Entertained" GTA Film Proposal, No Future Plans for Film Adaptation

Rockstar has denied recent allegations that a Grand Theft Auto film adaptation starring rapper Eminem was nearly complete before the developer backed out.

Variety's gaming blog reported Monday that a deal was all but finalized between a major movie studio and Rockstar, but fell apart before plans could be firmed up. In response, Rockstar creative development VP Dan Houser has stated that his company never seriously considered any such proposal.

"Some movie producers were trying to put something together to entice us to make a movie," Houser told MTV Multiplayer. "This proposal was no more interesting than the numerous others we receive. We never entertained proceeding with the project." Houser added that Rockstar currently has no intentions of green-lighting a GTA picture anytime soon. nope

The GTA series has sold over 65 million units in total, making the license an extremely attractive property for interested film studios. The series is receiving a boost in attention due to Rockstar North's upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, X360), due out on April 29.