New Fallen Empire Video Depicts Tribes-like Combat

By Nick Breckon, Jan 25, 2008 2:31pm PST A new alpha-level video has surfaced from the upcoming web-based GarageGames title Fallen Empire: Legions, a game widely seen as a spiritual sequel to the revolutionary online shooter Starsiege: Tribes.

For more details on the game, check out our recent interview with GarageGames CEO Josh Williams and Fallen Empire project director Tim Aste.

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  • I have mixed feelings on the browser thing, given that I'm on dialup...but then again multiplayer is out for me anyway since...I'm on dialup. Though perhaps someday some sort of broadband will become available to me (there's no DSL (behind a SLC-96) and Cable TV stops a mile away (and it has broadband...a mile away and they have no plans to expand)...we have lots of hills so wireless broadband would be tricky and we're outside of cellphone coverage (which is sort of a crapshoot in WV given the terrain). Then again I imagine it will run on my laptop so I can play from the firing range (where I'm posting from now) where they have wireless (I shoot guns and download stuff!).