Halo Inspires Schoolyard Bullies to Teabag Victims

Bullies in a Point Pleasant, NJ school district are teabagging other children a la Bungie's Halo series, the Asbury Park Press reports.

Point Pleasant resident Jane Chmielwski said her son was assaulted by a group of boys, one of whom held the child to the ground while another put his crotch to his head. The incident was documented with a cell phone camera.

Schools have classified the act as sexual harassment, acknowledging that the recent trend of teabagging as part of routine bullying was likely inspired by Halo, "in which players can perform a posturing move over a defeated enemy," the APP notes.

Reports of taunting, teasing and Halo-brand teabagging have been occurring off school grounds, prompting school administrators to consider a new bullying policy which would allow punishment of students for incidents occurring both off and on the schoolyard.