Halo Inspires Schoolyard Bullies to Teabag Victims

By Aaron Linde, Jan 25, 2008 2:28pm PST Bullies in a Point Pleasant, NJ school district are teabagging other children a la Bungie's Halo series, the Asbury Park Press reports.

Point Pleasant resident Jane Chmielwski said her son was assaulted by a group of boys, one of whom held the child to the ground while another put his crotch to his head. The incident was documented with a cell phone camera.

Schools have classified the act as sexual harassment, acknowledging that the recent trend of teabagging as part of routine bullying was likely inspired by Halo, "in which players can perform a posturing move over a defeated enemy," the APP notes.

Reports of taunting, teasing and Halo-brand teabagging have been occurring off school grounds, prompting school administrators to consider a new bullying policy which would allow punishment of students for incidents occurring both off and on the schoolyard.

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  • The keyword that has been overlooked here is "Children"
    The game industry has long expressed how games can effect children so it could be possible that the teabagging in question was inspired by halo. However the game is clearly marked "Mature" in the states this means 17+ and in europe this means 18+. The fact that these children had the game shows a case of bad parenting.
    Another point from this is the fact that the kids are bully's. For kids to be bullies in the first case is often means that the children need therapy, as it is not normal for children to be bullies.
    This is a simple case of bad parenting. Nothing to do with a game.

  • Wow those have to be the most pussy bullies ever. Pants on teabagging? And then recording with a cell phone?

    When I was in school a bully would pummel you while his friends watched or held you down. And they didn't need to take a picture - everyone would just see your face full of bruises the next day. And then you got your friends togeather ambushed the bully the next day and shit kicked him. And then by the end of the week looked like they went 10 rounds with Rocky but we all got along great. Friendship through pugilation.

    Fuck in this day and age these parents should just be glad their kid didn't get stabbed, shot or raped.