Rumor: Best Buy Discontinuing 80GB PS3 (Updated)

Update: In a response to Shacknews, an SCEA representative did not comment on the subject of Best Buy's alleged discontinuation of the 80GB PS3, but indicated that a post addressing the matter will soon be on the official PlayStation blog.

Original Story: Best Buy will apparently discontinue sales of the $499 80GB version of the PlayStation 3, according to an alleged internal store memo sent to PS3 Fanboy.

"The 80GB version of the PS3 is going closeout and won't be replaced at this time," the memo reads. "The 60GB version should already be gone from stores. Only the 40GB version of PS3 will be sold in Best Buy stores at this time."

The remaining 40GB model, currently priced at $399 lacks a handful of features available in the 80GB PlayStation 3, including a complete absence of PS2 backwards compatibility—which the memo itself notes.

Earlier this week, FCC listings for a white PS3 prompted speculation that the new color would be heading to North American shores. SCEA has been reached for comment, but has not responded as of this writing.