Sega Patches Virtua Fighter 5 X360, Explains On-disc DLC; PS3 Online Update Not Possible

A patch for the Xbox 360 version of Sega-AM2's Virtua Fighter 5 is now available, Sega of America has announced. Players will be prompted to download the patch when they boot the game while signed into Xbox Live.

The company also noted that it is unable to update the PlayStation 3 edition of the game, which released months before the Xbox 360 version, with online multiplayer. Sega explained that, "the specifications for [PS3] online title updates were not yet finalized [at the time of VF5's release] and we were unable to include it in the title."

According to Sega, today's patch adds "many of the features that we hoped to have in the original release [of the Xbox 360 version]," including the ability to save replays of online matches, rematches for players who aren't Xbox Live friends, and various bug fixes. For more information, scope out the full change log.

The company also issued a comprehensive FAQ--available here-- that explained the presence of premium downloadable content on the Xbox 360 game disc as the "only possible delivery mechanism that could be implemented within the development schedule" and a way to "measure the level of interest in downloadable content, so that we could take it into account for future products."

Sega released three 108KB item packs via the Xbox Live Marketplace, each of which sells for 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50) and unlocks otherwise unavailable content on the game disc itself. In the FAQ, the company stated it has no plans to release more patches or downloadable content.

"If [downloadable items] were not included on the disc," the company elaborated, "an online distribution item distribution method would have to be created to allow players who didn't download the items to view the items on their opponents who had them equipped."