Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Jan 16, 2008 5:39am PST

How is everyone doing today? Awww, come on it can't be that bad, can it? Maybe it'll cheer you hear about a scaled down Uwe Boll? Oh you mean you willingly saw that, I'm sorry. Well did you hear that the former City of Heroes developers might handle Star Trek Online? Still nothing, eh? Well if Nick's crack game journalism doesn't do it, I give up.

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  • Wow, I had some hopes for Savage 2 after I saw the teaser movie on their website and figured they'd have more experience on how to refine it by now. Boy was I wrong. The sounds are pretty bad, I think a lot of sounds are borrowed from the first one. It looks alright (actually the landscape looks decent, but the models are just pathetic). But ignoring graphics, the gameplay is just meh. It was alright in the first game, but this second one the gameplay is somehow worse. All of these new units (which are just rehashes of the old units with premade weapon kits half made up of the previous weapons) are done completely wrong. They mostly feel like the same.

    (Don't remember the unit names)
    Builder unit guy is kinda cool. Think TF2 Engineer except his turret only lasts around 10 seconds and has a 1 minute cooldown to use again. His shotgun is kinda strong but everything else is weak. Only unit that can repair a building.

    Then comes the assassin type unit.
    Weak melee but can stealth and place bombs (And has some backstab ability but I couldn't figure out how it works since you unstealth when you trigger the backstab buff). Kinda useless except for maybe steatlh bomb runs.

    Typical melee unit - He does what he does, melee.

    Then we come to the Cleric/Medic class unit.
    What the fuck what a useless unit. His melee is rather weak, his ranged is slow and not that powerful. So then you must think, oh, his healing must be useful! No. Its shit. Single target heal does maybe 1/5th to 1/6th life. Thats like 1 melee hit from the normal melee units and it has about a 10 second cooldown. Group heal does even less but heals everyone in the circle. The only useful spell this guy has is ressurection. What a useless fuck!

    Then they have the legionarre and blah blah he hits hard.

    The 2 siege weapons (or at least the catapul) seem well balanced and are probably the only units done right in the game.

    The beasts actually have some pretty cool units, a shape shifter (counter the assassin), the siege weapons (which are WAY better than the humans, ability to dodge, the behemoth can rape anyone with a stomp and a trunk to the face), and the unit that intrigued me the most, the summoner.

    The summoner could have been such a great unit, however the fact that its pet has the intellegence of a retarded sloth doesn't win the summoner any points. In order for the pet to attack the enemy, I have to give the command. Every. Single. Time. If someone sneaks up on me I have to press G and then 1 and then click on the guy attacking me to make my pet attack him/her. (There might be a better shortcut key but I don't know it and still I would have to click on the enemy even with a better hotkey) I'm sorry but that's just not gonna fly if I have to baby my pet the entire time. If someone sneaks up and hits me with a melee attack, that pet should be all over them. (Not ranged though, because then I would be constantly telling my pet to get back)

    Lastly, the game crashes almost every other map for me. It could be my system however everything is up to date and other games don't have any problems. Theres a few other problems with bugs and lag issues but I don't feel like typing anymore.

    Sorry for the negative review s2 but there is no way I'd pay money for the game in its current status.