Warhawk PS3 Expansion Arrives Today, First Trailer Released (Updated)

Update 2: Jobe has confirmed that Operation: Omega Dawn will in fact be available from the in-game Warhawk store today, not tomorrow as he previously indicated.

Update: Shacker razlebol tells Shacknews that both the expansion and patch were temporarily available in-game, though the booster pack has since been removed.

Original Story: The first expansion for Incognito's multiplayer-only PlayStation 3 battlefield Warhawk will be available tomorrow, December 20, through the online PlayStation Store.

Titled Operation: Omega Dawn, the $7.99 add-on brings a new multiplayer map and a new dropship aircraft that can transport seven soldiers and a ground vehicle across the map.

Director Dylan Jobe, who announced the date on the official PlayStation blog, also noted that the promised 1.2 patch for the game, which contains several tweaks and new map layouts, would arrive today.

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