Burnout Paradise Demo Smashes Xbox Live, Burns PlayStation Network Later Today

By Chris Faylor, Dec 13, 2007 7:59am PST As promised, a demo of Criterion's Burnout Paradise (PS3, X360) is now available for download from Xbox Live Marketplace. The PlayStation 3 demo is expected to arrive in today's PlayStation Store update, which hits later this afternoon.

Allowing players to sample game's open-world structure and its online multiplayer, the Xbox 360 demo weighs in 835 MB. For a taste of the demo, check out the latest trailer from publisher EA.

The full version of Burnout Paradise skids to retailers on January 22.

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  • Its fucking awesome. Ive only played it for about an hour, but it feels like a burnout game.

    Some important things to note:

    1) The graphics are superb, the cars look nice, the city looks amazing, lots of detail everywhere you go, but most importantly, everything is still distinguishable, I wasn't running smack into walls all that often because I could tell what the road looked like

    2) The crash physics are amazing. Damage on cars occurs depending on where you hit them, its not like burnout revenge where the entire car exploded and crumpled whenever you hit something. In Paradise, if you smack into a flatbed going 100 mph from behind, the front of your car is crushed, and the trucks bed is crushed while the front is left just fine, unless it hits the car in front of it, in which case the front crumples too depending on the force of the hit. Very fucking sweet.

    3) The controls are tight. Very tight. The cars are really responsive, and they do exactly what I want them to do, within minutes I was weaving in our of traffic at breakneck speeds.

    4) Crashing works a little differently this time around, I found myself wrecking a lot more often when I hit traffic (but not other racers). It seems like, at least in the few races I played and freemode, that traffic checking has been eliminated. You can't just bounce cars off the race course or into other cars anymore (i especially liked doing this), because even slamming into a car on its side will wreck you. I cant really say whether I like this or not, I guess ill have to wait for the full game.

    5) The demo is pretty short, only a small area is offered to cruise around in, and there arent many events, but its a demo...so...

    6) The online is handled terrificly. Any time during single player as your just cruising around you can hit right on the directional pad to call up the multiplayer menu real-time as your cruising, and invite friends to join you or just select quick games or custom games all without ever pausing or quitting the game, pretty slick feature and I havent seen any other game do it before.

    Overall: I think the full game is going to be exactly what we expected: A fucking sweet next gen version of burnout with great online play. If they nail the new crash mode they are implementing correctly, this could be a truly great game. I am excited:)