Race Driver One Renamed GRID, Platforms Listed

Announced earlier this year as Race Driver One, Codemasters has renamed its upcoming on-road racing title GRID for North American audiences and Race Driver: GRID for those in Europe.

Due out on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in mid-2008, GRID has players racing through various real-life locales in the United States, Europe, and Japan while sustaining realistic damage to their vehicles. nope The latest evolution of Codemaster's TOCA Tour Driving and TOCA Race Driver franchises is being developed at Codemasters Studios by the team that handled the off-road rally effort Colin McRae: DiRT (PC, PS3, X360) and uses an enhanced version of DiRT's Neon game engine.

"This is not a game about collecting cars or spending all of your time in the front-end tuning suspension settings or designing liveries," noted chief game designer Ralph Fulton. "We want to make racing exciting again."