Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Nov 27, 2007 6:00pm PST So hopefullly this week will be a good week! We think so!

Lastly, politics pooping all over the $100 laptop

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  • Court was great - $300 fine, 6 months supervision, and $95 driving school for doing 130 in a 50.

    My lawyer is like a Johnny Cochran, except better. He even looks like him, too.

    Short story : Me being an idiot on some country roads with my '03 GSX-R 600, apparently angered some farmer or farmers wife, who then proceeded to call the cops & get me arrested for wreckless.

    And no, I'm not that asshole you see on public roads wearing a t-shirt, flip lops and shorts, weaving in & out of traffic . I ride in southern Illinois - lots of miles & miles of straight roads, some good twisties, and zero cops. Sucks to be me, but it could've been worse. If track days weren't so fscking expensive, I'd consider it.