Rock Band Will Likely Receive Day One Patch

Though a lucky few managed to obtain Rock Band (PS2, PS3, X360) before its official Tuesday release due to negligent store employees, some of these pre-release buyers have experienced problems with the new guitar's strum bar. These problems may very well be fixed with a day-one patch for all versions of the game, according to multiple posts by a senior Harmonix employee on the SomethingAwful forums.

"For the two pre-release people that had issues with their guitar - I'd wait until Tuesday before sending your guitars back," writes Harmonix employee CptUnderpant. "I believe there may be a title update on day 1 that makes things happy for you again. Such is the life of retailers breaking street date and making life hard for us."

In another post, the employee goes on to specify the patch has been submitted to both Microsoft and Sony for automatic download from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The PlayStation 2 version retails later on December 18, giving time for the update to be included in the retail package.

"We've submitted it for both platforms along with our day 1 DLC, so exact times are now up to Microsoft and Sony," the second post reads. "The PS2 version includes the update on the disc."