Sony Cuts PS3 Dev Kit Price to Attract Developers

By Carlos Bergfeld, Nov 19, 2007 2:43pm PST Following the recent PlayStation 3 price cut and cheaper baseline model introduction for consumers, Sony today nearly halved the cost of its PS3 development kit. Sony's hoping the cheaper dev kit will get more third party developers interested in the platform.

The development packages will be sold for $10,250 in North America, 950,000 yen ($8,600) in Japan and 7,500 Euros ($11,250) in Europe. The statement from Sony hinted that more price reductions are to come, as well.

"As more and more new titles are developed for the PS3 format, SCEI will significantly reduce the price of the Reference Tool in order to contribute to the cost saving measures of the development community," the announcement read.

Although the recent price cut increased PS3 sales slightly in North America, the system was still the least-selling console in October, though sales of the new 40GB system during the holidays may give the platform a larger install base.

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  • Excellent news! After playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune this weekend I can only see things going up for the ps3, if Drake is any means of what to expect in the future.

    Also just to note I am not sure how many are aware that the PS3 does full 7.1 sound. I finaly got a hdmi 1.3 amp and can finaly play all my games on the ps3 in 7.1. It is quite amazing if you have a ps3 it is 100% worth the experiance.

    The question is I wonder if the ps3 will ever catch up to the 360 epic library? Or when will we see 1080p games on the ps3 for my two recent and favorties have all been 720p.

    This time next year should be intresting.