Call of Duty 4 Online Woes Being Addressed (Updated)

Update: Those having problems playing online with the PC edition of Call of Duty 4 are suggested to type "/cl_connectionattempts 60" into the game's console. The tip comes from Shacker and Infinity Ward employee DKo5, who noted that this is not a long-term fix, but should help while the developer looks into the issue.

Original Story: Problems with online multiplayer in the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare should be resolved soon, claims the studio's community relations manager.

Reported issues include slow progress when the game is downloading settings and long wait times in matchmaking, supposedly up to 30 minutes. Owners of the PC and Xbox 360 versions have also complained of similar issues, though the 360 problems were said to be a result of a now-resolved service-wide issue with Xbox Live.

In a post on the developer's forums, Infinity Ward employee fourzerotwo explained that server hardware is being upgraded to address problems with slow matchmaking and dropped matches, which became prevalent in the PlayStation 3 edition over the weekend.

"During this upgrade you may still receive the 'Downloading Game Settings' message, but it is temporary, in the sense of just let it download and you will eventually drop into a lobby and play just fine," wrote fourzerotwo. "Remember, this is just short term, eventually once everything is upgraded you won't be receiving Downloading Game Settings at all."