ShackCast 17: Bungie, Xbox 360 in Japan, Marky Mark, Rock Band, Idiocy, Remo Song

By Chris Remo, Nov 09, 2007 5:18pm PST ShackCast 17 features what has become the standard lineup of Chris Remo, Steve Gibson, Chris Faylor, and Nick Breckon. Internally, this was our second take at this podcast, our initial effort being something we would rather not foist upon our trusting public. We ended up discussing Bungie and its purported original game in development, the Xbox 360's slight victory over PS3 for one week in Japan, Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka work on a new game, the crappiness of collectors' editions, Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne, amazing Rock Band DLC, and controversies involving Take-Two Interactive and Hellgate: London.

That plus reader mail, what we've been playing, and a Remo song about Peggle from the perspective of Chris Faylor. Faylor's Peggle Song was part our Jam Sessions contest, and its lyrics were written by Shacker liqker.

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  • ET for the Atari 2600 was the worst game I ever completed (on the hard difficulty too...not the teddy bear difficulty...those of you who remember the good old VCS/2600 know what I'm talking about). I actually got all the phone parts and got picked up by my space ship (OMG spoilers!!!). I can still sort of vaguely remember it. It was pure lucky or damned stupid patience to beat the fucker...and I always wondered why those creepy guys in trench coats were always grabbing ET...seemed like they were going to molest him (at least thats what I always thought...and I was in the fucking 1st or 2nd grade at the time I think...maybe 3rd grade).

    The fact that its historically considered one of the most horrible games, if not THE most horrible game of all time...and the fact that I actually finished it...seems to tell me that its probably the worst I ever beat. I mean even back then I knew it was shitty...and when you're a little kid its not like you've got a great shit filter...but I knew it was awful even back then...but I had a long afternoon and nothing to do so it got beaten.

  • 000:00: Intro song. Talk about video games.
    002:22: Bungie's enviable position and new IP that is not Oni.
    006:40: Drink one shot every time someone says, "let's move on".
    007:25: Japan: Xbox360 > PS3, Super Mario Galaxy < Super Mario Sunshine.
    013:01: Akira Yamaoka and a recap of the Silent Hill series.
    018:19: iPod game Phase.
    019:36: Rock Band downloadable content and Steve sings.
    026:03: Mark Wahlberg might portray Max Payne.
    031:19: Prince of Persia safe from Michael Bay.
    032:41: Controversies! Manhunt 2, Take 2, Hellgate London.
    038:54: Collectors Editions (DMC4, Crysis, Halo 3).
    049:07: Reader mail: Knife fights, Shack history, worst games.
    067:38: What are you playing? (Homeworld, Nintendo DS [not a game], Crysis, Bioshock, Orange Box, NBA Live)
    074:07: Contra 4.
    076:19: Goodbye.
    078:35: Bonus chorus of "Walk the Dinosaur."
    080.20: Jam Sessions contest song "" (Faylor's Peggle Song) written by liqker and composed by Chris Remo.

    Let's move on.