New Smash Bros. Media Depicts Hammer Smackage

Misunderstood Kirby pseudo-baddie King Dedede represents the latest character to join the cast of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the first, and likely only, Wii entry in Nintendo's mascot fighting franchise.

Following Dedede's unveiling on the game's official site, series designer Masahiro Sakurai posted pictures of the hammer-wielder's various attacks. nope

Sakurai, who recently disclosed that Brawl will feature both a level editor and video replay mode in addition to online play, also provided the first look at the game's traditional classic mode while hinting at additional modes and features.

"You earn and save [coins] little by little as you play [classic mode]," he wrote. "And supposedly you can use them somewhere. But no--you donÂ’t use them to shop."