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By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Oct 30, 2007 4:26am PDT Howdy everyone. Not everything will show up in stores today, but we're looking at releases of Guitar Hero III, Hellgate London, Timeshift, Disgaea PSP, Virtua Fighter 5 and the Witcher this week. Speaking of Hellgate, it's good to see that they will keep on polishing it, though I have to wonder if that will be enough.

And it looks like Orange Box for the 360 has been patched, so did it do the trick and smooth out multiplayer? Maybe its your game that isn't up to snuff in Team Fortress 2? Well, thekidd has put together an exhaustive class guide and it might be what you need to bring that A game. Do it for the monitors, who are still alive.

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  • You know what I've really been missing. A new Jedi Knight game. Its about fucking time Lucas Arts. Ive been hankering for some Lightsaber combat after reminiscing about Jediknight and JKII and Outcast.

    I think physics engines and graphic engines have developed to the point that with some care and thought a company could really knock a game like this out of the park. I mean, implement a robust and deep lightsaber system that obeys the laws of physics, throw in some beautiful graphics with a serious lighting engine (Gears of War, U3, Crysis engines). Then build the weapon combat around the lightsaber combat and the force powers. Throw in a nice multiplayer component, and of course an R rating (for realistic decapitations and limb slicings). How can they go wrong.

    I dont know, I just missing playing capture the flag with force powers, having someone take your flag, turn on force speed and then use force jump to literally jump 300 yards across the map, only to be intercepted at the final moment by an opposing Jedi who force grabs him and stops his jump mid air, sending him and the flag plummeting to his doom. Oh the memories.

    I know Force Unleashed is coming out, and it is implementing several of this things that I have requested, but I thought I read that it was a multiplatform title (possibly even a PS2 version), so how great will it actually be. I also think its a single player focused game as opposed to having a robust multiplayer component. Im sure it will be great, but comon, just give us Jedi Knight 3 and be done with it.