The Witcher Goes Gold, Materializes Oct. 30

CD Projekt's impressive-looking PC RPG The Witcher has gone gold and ships to stores in North America on October 30. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski's series of novels, the game follows Geralt, who in his role as a mutant witcher, drinks, seduces women, and slays monsters as he explores the seedy underbelly of the world.

"Not only does The Witcher shine with its stellar action gameplay, its thought provoking storyline riddled with mature social issues is sure to get gamers talking," claimed Atari senior producer Larry Liberty. "We're confident that The Witcher will prove to be one of the most acclaimed RPG titles this fall." nope

"Creating The Witcher was a huge challenge, but also an adventure. Our task was to create a game with an incredibly involving story and a credible world--a role-playing game that we ourselves would like to play," said CD Projekt joint CEO Michal Kicinski. "We approached this task with no compromises."

For more on The Witcher's lengthy adventure and its moral quandaries, dig into my hands-on preview of the game and check back tomorrow for Nick Breckon's impressions.