Metal Slug 7 to Open Fire on DS

By Carlos Bergfeld, Sep 19, 2007 11:24am PDT The seventh addition to the Metal Slug series will be released on Nintendo's DS handheld, according to the most recent issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu. No release date was mentioned in the article.

The issue has a few screenshots of the game, though the images are taken from just one of the DS' screens. The game appears to stick pretty close to Metal Slug's brand of explosive tank-rolling action.

Shacknews contacted SNK Playmore reps for word on a U.S. release of the title. The last Metal Slug release in the U.S. was Metal Slug Anthology (PS2, PSP, Wii), bringing U.S. gamers up to date on the series through Metal Slug 6.

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  • Played this at TGS today for a minute or two. Was pretty smooth and felt very much like the other games in the series. As I only played it for a short time, I'm not sure what mechanics are in the game aside from shoot, run jump from the older games. Personally I'm not keen on the extra guages and ability to carry more than one weapon that later games added, but even if it has such extras I think it's going to be a decent addition to the series.

    Oh, I didn't see what the bottom screen was for, because I was playing on a DS (fat) devkit and there was just garbage on the bottom screen for some reason.

    Also played the Wii MS Complete, which is finally coming to Japan after being out in the states for god knows how long. I bought the PS2 version a while ago, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Wii controls not being totally fucked up.

    p.s. Also played MGS4, Little Big Planet, CoD4 and tons more :)