Team Fortress 2 Beta Finally Launches, Lovingly Embraced by Shack Community

By Chris Faylor, Sep 18, 2007 8:39am PDT After several hiccups and unexpected delays, the beta for Valve's Team Fortress 2 (PC) launched late last night.

Anyone who pre-purchases the $44.99 Orange Box compilation via Steam can now play the colorful class-based multiplayer shooter, which officially releases alongside Half-Life 2 Episode Two and Portal on October 10 in PC and Xbox 360 varieties. The bundle also packs Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Episode One, and will hit PlayStation 3 a bit after the other two versions arrive.

Multiple password-protected Shack servers have been set up by caring and generous Shackers for Shackbattle skirmish love. Members of the Shacknews Steam Community are instructed to hop in Group Chat for the password and more details. Those interested in joining the Shacknews Group are urged to respond to this post with their Steam ID.

The first of many Shackbattles has been formally scheduled for this evening. Scope out the Shacknews Group page for exact details on tonight's match, and keep checking back for future events.

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  • This game is great. Not having nades flying everywhere and stuff really makes it a much more fun experience than earlier versions of the game. Pryo seems a bit useless; I could do more damage at short range as a scout and be significantly harder to hit, and also have the luxury of attacking from a distance. I'm sure he'd be great for crowd control, assuming he could even make it to the fight without being gibbed first. Scout is absolutely amazing to play as, and spy is fun once you learn how to blend in. I managed to covertly take out six people in rapid succession, totally destroying the other team's offensive push. It was fantastic. I love this game. No more goddamn de_dust.

    Between this and UT3 I'm going to be happy for a good long while.