Rumble-Supporting Sixaxis Rumored as TGS Announcement

UK gaming site Pro-G has speculated that Sony may reveal a rumble-supporting Sixaxis at this year's Tokyo Game Show, which begins Thursday. A Sony "insider" has reportedly told the site that the PlayStation 3's latest software development kit includes rumble support.

The recent timing of the new SDK rollout--supposedly sent to devs last Thursday--could mean Sony is prepping for an announcement. Sony announced its intentions to work with former legal adversary and rumble technology developer Immersion earlier this year after reaching a financial agreement with the company.

In light of this, the eventual inclusion of rumble support should be no surprise, and a TGS announcement would be as likely as any--though it would seem to make more sense once Sony actually has a game to go along with the technology. As with the PS3 price shuffle, press and analysts speculated Sony would pull the rumble card at E3 soon after the Immersion deal, but Sony has yet to reveal a date for the inclusion of last-last-gen technology in its current-gen console.