New PS3 and PSP Firmware Incoming

Updated firmware for both PS3 and PSP will be available "in the next few days," PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel noted on the PlayStation Blog.

On the PS3 side of things, the 1.93 firmware will address some "network disconnect issues" that resulted from the 1.92 update, which Sony ever so vaguely said fixed some compatibility and playability issues.

As for the console's portable little brother, the PSP's 3.71 firmware will arrive the right on the heels of the 3.70 update that hit earlier this week. 3.70 added support for themes--said to eventually be made available from PlayStation.com, the official PSP site, and the PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Store--allowed music playback during photo viewing, provided the option to play movies in sequential order, and let users tweak button assignments in Remote Play.

The changes of the 3.71 update were not detailed, though the quick turnaround and the .01 progression suggests it addresses security and or stability problems.