Sin & Punishment en Route to Wii Virtual Console, Likely to be Localized for the First Time

Old-school action specialist Treasure's acclaimed--but relatively obscure--Nintendo 64 rail shooter Sin & Punishment looks to be coming to English-speaking territories for the first time. The game was originally released in 2000 and has developed a strong following among the import crowd.

Last month, it was revealed on Nintendo's official Japanese Virtual Console site that Sin & Punishment is being released to the Wii download service in September. While encouraging for fans of the game, the news did not necessarily suggest a release elsewhere, as the game had never been localized outside of Asia.

Now, however, an entry for the game on Australia's Classification Board indicates that the cult classic is finally being localized to English; the game has received an M rating, roughly equivalent to the ESRB's T rating.

Currently, Sin & Punishment has not shown up on the ESRB's own site. Shacknews has sent inquiries to Nintendo as to whether the game is heading to the Virtual Consoles of other territories, which seems likely given the minimal distribution costs for games on the service once ready to be sold.