ShackCast Episode 4.5: BlizzCon and BioShock

By Chris Remo, Aug 09, 2007 9:45am PDT In this brief appended ShackCast--to which one might very well refer as the BlizzCast, to complement yesterday's QuakeCast!--Nick Breckon talks in detail about StarCraft 2 and a bit about World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, both of which he played at Blizzard's wondrous BlizzCon event. Carlos Bergfeld also speaks on BioShock, which he may or may not have completed (hint: he did).

Apologies for the occasional brief audio issue, and for acting as if this podcast actually came before Episode 4--originally, it did, but we started playing around with the fabric of space and time and, well, you know how that goes.

Play now, download the episode, check it out via iTunes, RSS, or Digg, or check out the full episode breakdown.

Here's the full breakdown:
0:00:00: It's a song!
0:01:57: StarCraft 2! It's awesome! Hooray!
0:18:32: StarCraft 2 single-player! It's awesome(r)! It's like an adventure game!
0:19:55: World of Warcraft! Death Knight!
0:24:14: BioShock! Somehow we also talk about themes of racism in Mario 2.
0:37:39: "We should probably wrap this up." No outtakes! Sorry!

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  • I listened to all four of these ShackCasts today while I was doing some relatively mindless development stuff at work today and, I must say, they are absolutely spectacular. I listened to #4, #3, #2, and finally #1 (in that order) and they've all been an incredibly enjoyable listen.

    I don't usually listen to podcasts, and this may actually be the first one I have listened to, but I'll continue listening whenever you guys post new ones. Remo does an excellent job as a kind of "moderator" and contributor, and the rest of the cast (particularly Chris Faylor and Nick Breckon) are hilarious.

    Keep it up!