Sam & Max Surf Highway in Reprinted Collection

Steve Purcell's long out of print comic collection Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway will be available again later this year thanks to Sam & Max episodic adventure game developer Telltale Games. In celebration of the cult classic comic characters' twenty years of existence, Telltale will be reprinting the 1995 anthology, which collected most of the published Sam & Max comics. The 2007 edition will bring the book up to date, adding Sam & Max comics from the last 12 years, unpublished stories, artwork, and a new cover.

First publicly appearing in Purcell's 1987 underground comic "Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple," the Sam & Max characters are best known to gamers for LucasArts' 1993 adventure game Sam & Max Hit the Road and for Telltale's recently-concluded Sam & Max: Season One. A second season of Telltale's series is in development.

Recently, Purcell has been maintaining a hand-painted Sam & Max webcomic on the Telltale website, and has been nominated for this year's Eisner Awards in the category of Best Digital Comic. Telltale has begun running a biweekly History of Sam & Max, beginning with the characters' origins as Purcell's childhood drawings.

No specific release date or pricing information is available for the upcoming Surfin' the Highway collection, though it will be sold only through Telltale's site. Telltale plans to announce further details in the coming months.