Tomb Raider: Anniversary Gets Episodic on 360

BOOM widget 114028 As was rumored earlier in the month, Eidos Interactive has announced that developer Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider: Anniversary will see an episodic release on Xbox Live Marketplace. Owners of Tomb Raider Legend on the Xbox 360 will be able to grab the content in the form of two expansions, the first of which will be available in September.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a new and improved reworking of Core Design's original 1996 action-adventure title Tomb Raider (PS1, SAT, PC). The game is already available for the PlayStation 2 and PC, with Wii and PSP versions currently in development. Four major locations from Anniversary's campaign will be split into episodes, subtitled Peru, Lost City, Greece, and Egypt. Each content download will feature two episodes, with the Croft Manor level being released as a free download for either pack.

The cost of all four episodes will total 2400 Microsoft Points ($30). In order to access the content, players must own a copy of Tomb Raider Legend, although Eidos is planning to release a full retail version for the Xbox 360 later this year.

"This is part of our strategy to grow our presence in online and digital distribution as we believe there are huge growth opportunities arising from this delivery format and we intend to capitalize on the increasing demand for digitally downloaded content," said Eidos CEO Jane Cavanagh. "Ultimately we also intend to make the title available at retail so that it reaches the maximum possible audience."

Eidos also released a few screenshots and some artwork for the game.