Eidos Interview Suggests New Deus Ex Game

A new game in Ion Storm's acclaimed RPG-infused shooter franchise Deux Ex may soon be in development by an Eidos team. Numerous online outlets have pointed to an interview with Patrick Melchior, managing director of Eidos France, conducted by Canadian music network Musique Plus and re-hosted on Musique Plus' site (note: the site seems to be intermittently failing). In an interview otherwise largely centered around Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Melchior praised the Deus Ex franchise and touched on Eidos' plans to add a third entry. Melchior noted that publisher Eidos has not yet locked down final plans, but development may well start this September. Further details and confirmation are expected in the coming months.

The new Deus Ex game would be handled by Eidos Montreal, the company's new studio announced earlier this year. Approximately 350 jobs are expected to be created by the studio. One of Eidos' three teams, comprised of around 40 staffers, would be responsible for the upcoming Deux Ex project.

It is unlikely that Warren Spector, series creator and project director on Deus Ex, or Harvey Smith, lead designer on Deus Ex and project director on its sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War, will be involved with the project in any capacity. Spector is currently working on a Source-powered game at his Austin, Texas-based Junction Point Studios, while Smith is serving as creative director at Midway Austin on the upcoming BlackSite: Area 51.

Eidos' domestic operations have yet to comment on these reports.