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  • Gears of War map pack detailed, dated


    Microsoft and Epic Games have revealed the details on the upcoming Gears of War map pack, known as Hidden Fronts. Contained within the downloadable pack are four new multiplayer maps: the Kryll-infested Bullet Marsh, Garden--which features a greenhouse packed with toxic fumes--the subterranean processing plant Process and the tunnels of Timgad's Subway.

    Priced at 800 MS Points ($10), the Hidden Fronts multiplayer map pack will be available via Xbox Live Marketplace on Thursday, May 3. Per the agreement between Microsoft and Epic Games outlined earlier in the month, the content will first be sold at a premium but will then become a free download at a later date--September 3, 2007, according to today's announcement.

  • D3 brings Puzzle Quest, 2 more to XBLA


    D3Publisher of America (D3PA) has announced three games for Xbox Live Arcade. First up is Infinite Interactive's puzzle-RPG hybrid Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, which garnered critical acclaim after its March release on DS and PSP. Also forthcoming is Load's racer Mad Tracks--said to be inspired by children's pull-back-and-go toy cars--and 21-6's version of Large Animal's RocketBowl--the first XBLA bowling game.

    Described in the press release as "the first of many games" D3PA plans to publish on Xbox Live Arcade, all three titles are expected later this year.

  • Gauntlet II on PSN Thursday


    Sony Online Entertainment dropped word that Midway's dungeon crawling classic Gauntlet II will arrive on PlayStation Network this Thursday, May 3. Selling for $4.99, the downloadable game features four playable characters and over 100 unique levels, plus online multiplayer and leaderboards.

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Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction for the Xbox. "A guys got in his chopper before I could assasinate him so as the chopper flew over me I pulled out the armour pearcing sniper and killed the pilot by shouting throught the bottom of the helicopter. It then fluttered and fell into the ocean...awesome" (submitted by Dan 101)