Counter-Strike: Source Switching To Dynamic Weapon Pricing

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 22, 2006 5:37pm PDT Valve has added this page to the Steam website, outlining the upcoming weapons pricing changes for Counter-Strike: Source. On October 11, the game will switch to a dynamic pricing model with updated prices every Monday based on the amount of purchases the previous week. Here a few samples from the page
Assault Suit
current price: $1,000
projected price: $1,104 (+10.4%)
Total purchases this week: 12,373,054
Dollars spent this week: $12,373,054,000

Maverick M4A1 Carbine
current price: $3,100
projected price: $3,390 (+9.35%)
Total purchases this week: 3,571,778
Dollars spent this week: $11,072,511,800

Nightvision Goggles
current price: $1,250
projected price: $1,084 (-13.26%)
Total purchases this week: 141,883
Dollars spent this week: $177,353,750

There is information about the pricing algorithm here.

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  • Well its been a few years since I was a hardcore cs gamer so in reality I really don't care if this is added in or not. I'm going to say that most hardcore players are probably going nuts right now, I know a few of my buddies are, and I can understand why. It comes down to Valve changing a classic formula. If it's so important to them at this point to have balanced weapons why not balance them from a design/gameplay stand point. There are obiously reasons why peopld don't use some of the guns. The money system seems like a lazy solution to the problem. I think it's understandable if people bitch about it, I'm sure the guys saying "just buy another gun" aren't the ones that play the game every single night and do serious clan, cal, whatever matches. I'm sure in the end there's probably a price cap that weapons can't go over and things will eventually even out but if the whole idea is to bring something fresh into the mix, then offer something more interesting than just a different monetary system.