Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Nov 10, 2005 7:55pm PST Woohoo for Most Wanted demo! I'm pretty much a racing game junky so it's my duty to try that thing out. Someone remind me to finally buy TrackMania by the way. No idea why I havent.. really did enjoy both demos.

- Godzirra!
- Dude, old people blog
- Foil hats dont work :(
- FireFox 1.5 RC2

Lastly, Ashlee Simpson is looking for someone at about the same talent level as herself!

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  • Avenged Sevenfold.

    How did I miss these guys for so long?
    I've heard Bat Country played, overplayed, and then played again, and I thought, damned good guitar, but the entire song itself never made me stand up and take notice.
    Then tonight, I hear Beast and the Harlot (which I totally dug), but frickin dj doesn't say the name of the band or song... so I went online trying to figure who the hell it was by the few selective lyrics I could recall. That turned up nothing, so I finally just went on a hunch it was the same guys that made Bat Country. Sure enough.
    It's like Queen meets Disturbed meets Yngwie meets, um, Wheetus :) ... It's nuts! Impressive stuff, and not just the guitars.
    Me likes.