DOOM Movie News

AICN points the way to this online journal by Doug Jones, the actor playing various Imps in the upcoming DOOM movie. Jones previously played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movie, and has also had roles in Men in Black 2 and Adaption. As we mentioned the other day, principal photography recently wrapped.

While reclining on the plane ride home to L.A., I did my usual damage assessment, but thankfully, there's not much to report. Just bruised thumbs from repeated stunt falls onto a metal grated floor after taking blank bullet wounds to my Imp head last week. Oh yeah, I'm all about the glamour. I ended up being blown to bits a total of 4 times, bless my heart. Anyone who doesn't much care for me will LOVE watching this movie (cue the announcer: Doug Jones as four Imps, dying four bloody deaths ... in "Doom" ... at theatres everywhere August 2005).