Halo PC Interview

A few weeks back I paid a visit to Gearbox Software to check out Halo for the PC. I'm honestly not a huge Halo fanboy by any means only having played through about half of the game in co-op mode with a friend being my experience. I'm no expert on the game and for looking at a port to really know the "important" questions you need an expert. Luckily the art geek who does so much stuff around here Mike is a Halo superfreak. The following interview with Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford covers a bunch of the basics and and of course more

Shack: Will the PC version include the same "make your own rules" multiplayer game type the Xbox supported? Randy Pitchford: That's actually much nicer in the PC version. Creating the game modes is more accessible now, and there are more features and options. It's really neat because if you like a game like Counter-Strike, you can quickly modify the game using these simple menus to make it so you only have one life per round and so on. If you like Battlefield 1942, you can set up a King of the Hill game with a fixed number of respawns (like tickets). It's really cool because there are conventional options and crazy stuff too for when you're in the mood to goof around in a LAN setting with your friends. ...
I got to put in a couple of hours of multiplayer Halo on the PC and absolutely loved it. The vehicles and the maps really gave off this great vibe of a futuristic battlefield. The obvious comparison would be BF1942 set in the future and that's probably the best comparison I can think of. If the network code proves to be able to not suck on the this could get really popular really fast.