Devastation Sound Changes

By Steve Gibson, Mar 23, 2003 9:00am PST

It looks like all that whining paid off, Vic DeLeon made a post on the Blues forums saying that the weapons sounds in Devastation will most likely be getting an overhaul. You can check out the Devastation demo here, make sure to get the demo patch too.

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  • Good, because they're really .. weak.

    I just tried the demo...uhh no bullet hole decals? No ricochet off X material noises? Physics are cool, but way off in certain circumstances. I'm sorry, you can't tip an oil barrel over with a 9mm. Textures were a little weak in certain areas. Frag grenade did have an appropriate damage spread though, which most games fail at. Didn't really get the whole "environmental" feel..lack of ambient noises. Couldn't get on one server as the pings all say 9999 and the ones that are under 300 are full (there's about 4 of 'em).

    Hopefully single player will come to the rescue.