Duke Manhattan Project Interview

Blue Monday has posted their own Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project interview, talking to Jim Perkins of Arush Entertainment about this budget title which seems like it could be a lot of fun for $25. The interview is pretty informative with questions about what Duke will be doing in this game, if levels will have multiple paths, how long will it take an average player to finish the game, what kind of replayability options will they have, how the save function will work, engine features and a bunch of other things.

- Will Duke be able to interact with the scenery as much as in DN3D?

- Part of being a Duke game is interactivity, and we have made sure this is in the game. Walls and barrels can be destroyed, opening up new rooms and secrets. Duke can use the restrooms or stop by an energy drink machine to refill some life. There are security monitors that show whatÂ’s around the next corner that Duke can peer into. One cool feature gives Duke the ability to blow up puddles of G.L.O.P.P. he runs across, saving him from taking any damage. Monsters also break through walls when you least expect them too, adding a sense of surprise that makes the game really fun.

If you haven't seen the screenshots we posted from this game yesterday you can find them here.