Pokemon GO: Can You Evolve Your 'Squirtle Squad' Community Day Squirtle?

Pokemon GO players from around the world took to the streets on Sunday to celebrate this month's Community Day. July's event centered around Squirtle, spawning off many of the turtle Pokemon across the globe. But beyond the incentive of eventually evolving a Squirtle in a Blastoise with Hydro Cannon, there was an extra incentive involving Squirtle Squad Squirtles.

Completing a special Field Research task during Community Day (Catch 5 Squirtles) would reward players with the opportunity to catch a sunglasses-sporting Squirtle, just like the classic Pokemon anime.

But what happens if that special Squirtle gets evolved? Does it keep its sunglasses or does it become a regular Wartortle?

Squirtle Squad
Squirtle Squad Wartortle
Squirtle Squad Blastoise

As indicated by this photographic evidence, evolving these event Squirtles keeps their apparel intact. Evolving a Squirtle with sunglasses will result in a Wartortle with sunglasses. Evolving that Wartortle will then result in a Blastoise with sunglasses.

So if you've caught a Squirtle Squad member during Community Day, have no fear about evolving it. You're more than welcome to evolve it into its much stronger form, with its sunglasses still firmly in place.