E3 2018: Ubisoft's Xavier Manzanares talks Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong DLC

Ubisoft's Xavier Manzanares, lead producer on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's new Donkey Kong DLC, stopped by the Shacknews booth at E3 2018 to discuss the upcoming expansion for the hilarious strategy game. He also had a sweet Rabbids Peach pin that news editor Charles wanted to steal for his own, and we don't blame him.

"With Mario and the Rabbids, and Princess Peach or Yoshi, it was all about the weapons. We decided to keep Donkey Kong closer to what he is, with close combat. He can grab anything, like enemies and heroes, even ears in the ground and he can pull them out and throw them. He also has his bongos, so he can attract enemies to him, and he can use his Ground Pound as well."

The expansion is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch, of course, and you can pick it up on June 26. For season pass owners, you can pick it up on June 25. 

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