Play PUBG-Clones on iPhone with GameSir Mobile Controller

Mobile gaming continues to get more and more intricate, providing experiences on mobile platforms that may not be best suited for tapping a screen. Various companies are creating peripherals to make mobile gaming more manageable, GameSir is one such company, and we got an opportunity to interview them about their creations.

GameSir's line of controllers can help with MOBA titles like Arena of Valor, but MOBAs are actually quite beneficial of touchscreen input. Other genres, like first-person shooters, will benefit greatly from buttons and analog sticks. Survival games like PUBG are all the rage right now and players of similar experiences like Rules of Survival will likely be looking for controllers like what GameSir is offering. PUBG Corp is planning to bring an official version of the popular shooter to the mobile as well so, hopefully, these controllers will be able to take a beating when someone angrily tosses their phone and controller after losing while in the top 5.

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